The Toyota RAV4's Automatic High Beams

While crossover SUVs are known for their wide array of features, one, in particular, boasts quite a few new impressive ones that include new features that promote safety for all its passengers. This is why it's not a surprise that the Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular vehicles in its category. There is plenty about this vehicle that makes it a good one.

One of these features are the Automatic High Beams. These lights are bright enough to help you see much clearer at night without having to worry about blinding any other drivers.  

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The Classy Toyota Camry

The Camry remains a popular mid-sized sedan, and style is one of the reasons why. The exterior has a dramatic appearance from the gentle curves to the sharp lines that catch the eye. Toyota also offers a few sporty extras that include rocker panels and rear spoilers that are reminiscent of popular muscle cars. However, along with providing a stunning appearance, the body style is crafted to improve overall efficiency, handling and performance. 

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How Does the Toyota 4Runner Manage a Smooth Ride on and off the Road?

One of the paradoxes created during the early production years of sports utility vehicles was the inclusion of anti-roll bars that connected both sides to lessen roll while traveling on the road. The problem arose during off-road activity when the anti-roll bars hindered wheel contact to the ground. The two mutually exclusive problems led to the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS).

The KDSS is not dependent on electronics. The system is completely mechanical. The KDSS monitors hydraulic flow along a line that connects and disconnects anti-roll bars on either side of the vehicle.  

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Standard Interior Features in the Avalon Surpass Expectation

Driving the new Toyota Avalon means driving a sedan with more standard features than many other sedans offer as upgraded features. This sedan’s interior features comfortable upgrades as well as beneficial upgrades, and the best ones are debatable.

One of the best features in this tech-savvy world is the inclusion of five USB ports in the Avalon. You can plug in five devices to never lose battery without sacrificing anyone’s needs. 

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Keep Track of Your Driving Performance in the 2018 Toyota Prius

The 2018 Toyota Prius is designed for efficiency. The popular compact hybrid provides you with important real-time metrics on how it's performing as you drive. It does this through an intuitive information panel.

The Multi-Information Display is built into the dashboard in front of the driver's seat. It includes two 4.2-inch screens that are vibrant and easy to read. On these screens, you can see your average mileage, hybrid system performance, and much more. You can even customize the display to show data that's important to you. This is done through the steering wheel controls.

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The Sleek 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid is as stylish as it is efficient. This popular hybrid sedan has a sporty exterior that's sure to turn heads. Every aspect from the wheels up has been carefully designed to produce a stunning vehicle that matches anyone's style.

The body of the Camry Hybrid has sweeping lines that create a rugged appearance. In terms of functionality, they help to improve aerodynamics on the road. These sloping curves are interrupted by dramatic lines on the front end of the car. The grille and lights are carved out of the body to create a…

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Take a Look Inside the Latest Toyota Corolla

The new Toyota Corolla is packed with technology. When you look inside, the sporty interiors are still the best feature about the Toyota. However, the new Corolla also has the same technology as the higher-priced sedans and luxury vehicles. You get a lot of value with the Corolla due to the fine-tuned design within, and it all starts with the Entune infotainment system.

Toyota introduced Entune in the later model Camry and eventually Corolla. By 2015, Corolla had some of the most advanced technology include a touch-screen, rearview camera, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth.

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Enhancing the Brakes in the Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR drives as well as it looks. You'll get up to an EPA estimated 31 miles per gallon on the highway from the 2.0 L in-line four-cylinder dynamic force engine that depends on advanced Valvematic technology to blend excellent handling with superb fuel efficiency. The advanced Continuously Variable Transmission with intelligence and Shift Mode allows you both the ease of an automatic transmission and the flexibility of a manual.

To enhance your safety, the Toyota C-HR relies on Antilock Brakes, which helps prevent the wheels from locking up during firm stops...

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Exciting New Toyota Avalon Safety Features

Why are so many drivers excited about owning the Toyota Avalon full-size sedan? Let's take a closer look at just a couple of the safety features and find out.

When you take your Avalon on the roads at night, the Automatic High Beams system will help improve visibility by keeping the high beams on when road conditions dictate. If another car is detected, the system will then switch to the low beams until the vehicles pass.

The Avalon was built for driving on the highway, and the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system eliminates the concerns of older systems.

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Discover the 2018 Toyota 4Runner's Exterior Features

Is it time for your next vehicle? If so, and if you are in the market for a midsize SUV, we suggest the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner offers numerous features that make the model one of the best options in its class. To learn more about the exterior features that come with the 2018 Toyota 4Runner, please read further.

The new model's Limited trim comes with 20-inch 6-spoke wheels with black-painted accents, and the TRD Off-Road trim offers 17-inch 7-spoke wheels. In addition, the 2018 4Runner also offers projector-beam headlights that feature a smoked trim to add to…

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