A Basic Explanation of Backup Cameras

Backup cameras have been highlighted in the news recently, but many people are still uncertain about their exact purpose. If you're one of those people, then we're here to tell you exactly what backup cameras are about. These nifty little pieces of tech could save you a lot of headaches when driving.

As of May 2018, backup cameras will be required in all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds. This means that you'll likely come across one in the near future. Essentially, backup cameras are cameras placed on the rear part of your vehicle. They're designed to show you a feed of what's behind you at all times - including your areas that are traditionally un-viewable with regular mirrors.

Backup cameras are simple to use and easy to understand. However, if you're still wondering what they're all about, then come visit us at Carlson Toyota. You'll be able to test drive a vehicle with a backup camera so as to get the full experience.


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