The Toyota Tundra: Keeping You Safer

If you've ever been backing out of the driveway only to run into another vehicle crossing your path, you'll love one of the safety features on the Toyota Tundra. In fact, there are several safety features that can make your driving experience more pleasant and safe, and at Carlson Toyota, we want to tell you more about them.

The Cross-Traffic Alert monitors the area behind you when you're backing out of a tight parking space or even just the driveway. It will tell you if another vehicle is entering your path so that you can stop to avoid it. The same system can also monitor your blind spot and tell you when another vehicle is approaching from the side on the highway.

The Tundra also has eight airbags to ensure that everyone is safe in the event of a collision. It has curtain airbags to protect you from the window glass, and even your legs will be protected with the driver and front passenger knee airbags.



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