Technologically Savvy Toyota Corolla Hatchback

The newly designed Toyota Corolla Hatchback seamlessly blends the dependability and reliability you expect from Toyota, with the best of new technologies. Now, you can enjoy having this popular compact hatchback and still have the connectivity to the tech world that you are used to.

The Toyota Corolla Hatchback can put control of your vehicle in the palm of your hand, or more specifically, on your wrist. With newly enhanced Remote Connect available, you can now control your Corolla Hatchback from your Android Smartwatch or Apple Watch. From locking and unlocking your doors, locating your vehicle or even starting the engine, all of this can be controlled through voice commands or touch.

Along with being tech-savvy, the new Toyota Corolla Hatchback is available with a 6-speed Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT). Boasting three petals and six forward gears, this transmission features taller gears up top to optimize fuel economy while cruising. With close-ratio gears down low for quick acceleration, this transmission cuts down on transmission shock when downshifting, by incorporating an intelligent rev-matching feature.

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