Check Out These Toyota Prius C Safety Features

Here is why the Toyota Prius C is a popular compact hybrid hatchback!

The way the Lane-Keeping System in the new Toyota Prius C keeps you safe on the road is by simulating the feeling you get driving over rumble strips on the road if your vehicle drifts out of the lane lines. Your steering wheel vibrates to give you an alert, helping you recognize you need to correct quickly.

In an effort to help drivers to avoid dangerous situations on the road, the all-new Toyota Prius C has the Pre-Collision Assist feature helping to stop your vehicle. If a collision-risk is detected by the radar, first the driver gets a visual alert followed by the brakes pre-charging to slow and avoid an incident.

Be sure that you take a few minutes out of your day to come down to Carlson Toyota and take the new Toyota Prius C on the road for your very own test drive.



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