How Does the Toyota 4Runner Manage a Smooth Ride on and off the Road?

One of the paradoxes created during the early production years of sports utility vehicles was the inclusion of anti-roll bars that connected both sides to lessen roll while traveling on the road. The problem arose during off-road activity when the anti-roll bars hindered wheel contact to the ground. The two mutually exclusive problems led to the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS).

The KDSS is not dependent on electronics. The system is completely mechanical. The KDSS monitors hydraulic flow along a line that connects and disconnects anti-roll bars on either side of the vehicle. The KDSS allows more fluid to gush into a cylinder to extend one wheel while sucking fluid from the opposite wheel’s cylinder allowing as much ground contact as possible by each wheel during off-road activity.

At Carlson Toyota, our technicians are trained to monitor and repair the KDSS. Come on out to our Toyota dealership soon to take another look at the stunning 4Runner!



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