The Importance of Scheduled Engine Cooling & Radiator Service

Having a professional look at the cooling system in your vehicle on a regular basis will ensure you don't run into trouble. These are a few of the features of the cooling system.

The radiator is where air cools the fluids in your vehicle, so blockages or damage to the radiator has a negative impact on other parts of the cooling system. The water pump moves the coolant through the system, and if the bearing fails or a belt is loose, the coolant never makes it to the radiator to cool and could lead to the engine overheating.

The thermostat controls the temperature, and if stuck, could cause bigger problems with moving parts. Belts and hoses can wear quickly, and a professional can spot issues long before you wind up stranded with blown hoses or broken belts.

Schedule your cooling system inspection today at Carlson Toyota, so you won't have to worry about issues this season.



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