Do not Neglect Your Tire Maintenance


Drivers put a lot of wear and tear on their tires. This part of the automobile can go neglected while other matters are tended to instead. However, it is easy to do a visual inspection on the treads of tires to make sure that they are in operating condition.

Obvious signs of negative wear are cracks in the rubber and separation of the tread from the tire. If a foreign object is lodged in the tire it should be replaced immediately, even if the tire is still functioning. The penny test is a classic way to check for tire wear damage. Simply place the penny into the tread of the tire head first. If the head of the President is showing then the tire needs to be changed.

At Carslon Toyota, technicians are available for anyone in needing a professional inspection on their tires. Simply make an appointment at our facility today and our friendly team of technicians will assist you with the proper service.

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