It's Important to Make Certain Your Windshield Wiper Fluid is Topped Off

When the weather begins to get cooler, there are some things you have to do with your vehicle to prepare it for the long winter months ahead. One thing many drivers neglect is the washer fluid, and there are many reasons why.

As a quick fix, many drivers add some water to the washer reservoir thinking they are set for winter, but it could be causing trouble down the road. The water could freeze when the temperatures get too low, and either leave you without the ability to clear the windshield or crack the reservoir. As debris get trapped on the windshield, water is not going to be able to effectively clear dirt and mud. The windshield wiper fluid has detergents that will break down those contaminants and leave the glass clear so you can drive safely.

Stop by Carlson Toyota and our crew will flush and replace your washer fluid to ensure you have a clean and clear windshield when you need it.

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