Send Me A Friend!

It’s easy, it's quick, it's trackable and it's all online! 

And there's no limit to the number of referrals you can send us! Every time you send Carlson Toyota a friend that takes delivery of a new or pre-owned vehicle, we'll send you a check!


Click here: and fill in some basic information, 

determine your own user name and password, then click register.

(We won't be reselling your information or your email address.)


You'll receive an email with your login information. 

(Be sure and check your spam folder the first time just in case.) 


The next time you run across a friend, family member or co-worker log into, using your user name and password, click on the star burst "add referral" and we'll receive the information at the dealership automatically. Once we sell them a vehicle, we'll notify you via email that your check is in the mail.


You can also log into and see the "status" of any referral you've sent us!

Start making money today…There is no limit to the number of checks we'll send you!




Greg Gurewitz


General Sales Manager

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